Thank you to all of the customers who attended training and all of the businesses that provided materials that have so enriched education for so many young children in our Schools and Nurseries. WEAVE EYTP worked in partnership with the Warwickshire Nursery Schools, and training and materials can in the future be accessed directly through their work as Early Years Teaching Centres.

If you are interested in materials or training please contact Rachel Gillett at Kenilworth Nursery School 01926 853394 or e-mail schooloffice@kenilworthns.org.uk.

WEAVE EYTP is a training provider for all deliverers of the EYFS, schools and educational organisations. Our training programme models good practice in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, encouraging open-ended approaches to learning, enabling problem-solving, risk-taking and independent thinking across all areas of learning.

  • 'Really opened my eyes to the effective use of open-ended resources. Fantastic way for children to take control of the direction of their learning' YR Teacher

Weave Sensory


WEAVE EYTP is a creative recycling resource and training provider for schools, community groups and education organisations. It is designed to inspire the creative use of recycled materials by children, young people, educators and community workers. Off-cuts, bi-products and end of line materials are housed at our centre and used to inspire creative thinking, problem solving and independent learning. We encourage the process of open-ended creative exploration by providing stimulating materials which allow for flexible learning experiences and enrich curriculum opportunities.

WEAVE actively encourages children and young people to find new ways of re-using waste materials, promoting a positive attitude towards recycled goods, and encouraging new opportunities for communication and creativity. A wide range of materials from huge cardboard tubes, to small shiny plastic shapes, are donated by local business and industry and can now be used to inspire young minds and ignite fascinating creative thinking in the classroom and beyond.

WEAVE EYTP is a Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise Registered Company No.7031489

Welcome to Weave EYTP, the Creative Upcycling Centre, Educational Training Provider, and part of the Scrapstores UK national network. Based in the heart of Warwickshire, we source and collect waste materials to provide exciting resources for use in the home, the classroom, the community and beyond. Providing a range of unusual resources for all sorts of uses, from craft-based projects, DIY and gardening purposes and family play and learning, we stock an amazing array of salvaged waste materials you wouldn't find elsewhere.

WEAVE EYTP welcomes families and offers an exciting and unusual array of recycled materials for all sorts of uses at a low cost. We have successfully developed inspirational and creative workshops to support parents in understanding their child's learning and development. These workshops enable flexible learning opportunities which encourage open-ended exploration within a creative and planned environment. The workshops have been developed for children, parents and families and enable an understanding of how children learn through play and also enrich curriculum opportunities. A variety of projects have been delivered since the launch of the Big on Play project in 2008, which have seen exciting transformations in public spaces from children and young people. Click on the links to the left to see more information and examples of our projects to date.





WEAVE Training

WEAVE training partnership are able to offer a range of bespoke courses that cover all aspects of early years practice. The partnership comprises of specialists in early education and artists who have specialised in working with children and families to deliver a creative experience that provoke enquiry and thought.

Within the partnership we have two Nursery Headteachers who are able to provide knowledge and advice based on current practice in their outstanding schools, leading courses in documentation, assessment and recording and specific aspects of learning based on actual current practice. In addition one of our Nursery headteachers is also a qualified Ofsted inspector and is able to complete pre-inspection training and advice on leadership and management of early years.

The artists who contribute to the training partnership work in a collective known as "The Very Idea" and have amazing collective experience. Many of our bespoke packages combine an educational specialist with an artist, making links to the use of open ended found materials and the value of enquiry with young children.

WEAVE EYTP are able to offer bespoke training packages and deliver them in your setting/school or offer group training at a Nursery School venue which also includes a tour of the environment in relation to the learning on the course. In addition we are able to support conferences and have experience in delivering interactive workshops for up to 30 people.